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Krell Evolution 900e monoblock amplifiers Two (One Pair).The original Krell Evolution 900 monoblocks came out a year after the Evolution 402 stereo amplifier and 600 monoblocks. The EV402 and EV600 featured trickled down technology from EV1 monoblocks, and the EV302 and EV400 were designed to be even smaller and more affordable. But not the EV900 - they were release 3 years after the EV1 and 2 years after the EV600, Krell took their time because they were supposed to be their latest, most powerful and technologically advanced Evolution amplifiers. They largely succeeded, the EV900's were better in a number of areas, and even Dan D'Agostino the founder and previous CEO/Chief Designer of Krell replaced his pair of EV1 monoblocks with a pair of EV900's.
With the latest Evolution-enhanced series, Krell once again took their time with the EV900e, and the resulting EV900e monoblocks are now better than the EV1 in almost every aspect, much more powerful, advanced and refined. 6 years of lessons learned since the initial release of the EV1, they should, Krell is the company that has been at the top for almost 30 years! MSS HiFi has sold many pairs of EV1 monoblocks in our history, we know.
This is a pair of monoblocks that are capable of delivering 3600W per channel into 2ohm yet with a sonic purity of the best tube amps that have come through our door, a busy door that over $100mil of stereo gear have come in and out in the past 13 years.This pair of EV900e monoblocks were new in box as of August 2011.
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