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Solid-state monoblock power amplifier, with active power-factor correction.
Inputs: 1 unbalanced, 1 balanced.
Output power: >200W into 8 ohms (23dBW), >350W into 4 ohms (22.4dBW).
Distortion: at full power output, all harmonic distortion orders <-114dB up to 20kHz (<4000 parts per billion or <0.0004%). THD: <-128dB at 1kHz, or <400 ppb. Intermodulation products: all <-114dB relative to power output for sum of 19+20kHz tones, each delivering 87.5W into 4 ohms or 50W into 8 ohms or SMPTE-IM.
Noise: equivalent input noise at input, 5nV/sqrt(Hz). Slew-rate limit: maximum slew rate for small-signal and maximum output voltages is 100V/µs (equivalent to a maximum output voltage at approximately 250kHz). Input impedance: 100k ohms, both inputs.
Voltage gain: 49V/V (33.8dB), both inputs.
Overload: 1µs recovery from hard overload at 20kHz into 4 ohms.
Protection: short-circuit-proof; overcurrent limiting; gradual power limiting if amplifier becomes too hot. Will cut out if a continuous DC offset appears on output or if output current exceeds 12A average continuously over a period of a few minutes; protection against most input overloads. Power-supply protection: will cut out if most common faults are detected in the power supply (eg, over-voltage, master clock at incorrect frequency, excessive temperatures, etc.). Protected against most mains transients. Operating voltage: 85-270V RMS, 45-65Hz, without internal or external switches. A PAIR OF HALCRO DM58, REVOLUTIONARY MONO AMPS, 200 WATTS PER CHANNEL,NEARLY DISTORTION FREE PERFORMANCe, EXCELLENT CONDITION,These HALCRO DM58 MONO amps were haled as ‘revolutionary’ when they were introduced in 2002 due to their nearly distortion free performance.They are in EXCELLENT to NEAR MINT condition: they look MAGNIFICENT, they work LIKE NEW and sound GLORIOUS!

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