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: Europe
: $ 3,000.00
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Horning EUFRODITE Speakers.The cabinets stand 120cm tall, 65cm deep and 23cm in width and weigh 65kg each.Each cabinet uses a specially developed 5" Lowther driver for the mid-range and a highly-efficient Lotus tweeter for the upper-frequencies.Meanwhile, at the back of each cabinet, eight Beyma 8" inch drivers, are mounted 'face-to-face' and they are responsible for the incredibly fast and natural bass response.Speakers deliver music not harsh hi-fi. The human voice is delivered with a realism that defies explanation.They are very easy to drive at 97db and are well-suited to all types of amplifiers. However, they do excell with low power SET valve amps.More info if you google Horning Eufrodite.This is a private sale, as the Eufrodites are part of my own system. They are in very nice condition for their age, having been used in a pet/smoke/child-free dedicated music room.
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