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For 11 years uninterupted the most successful power amplifier: the FM 411

Minimum Power Output:
Per channel, both channels operating
300 W peak into 8 Ohms
550 W peak into 4 Ohms
900 W peak into 2 Ohms

275 W RMS into 4 Ohms
450 W RMS into 2 Ohms

Max. Output Voltage: 100 V pp.

Max. Output Current:
Unlimited repetitive peak output current.
More than 20 A continuous per channel.
No output or DC fuses, absolutely no form of current-, voltage- or any other kind of limiting.

Distortion: Average distortion: 0,006% THD

Bandwidth including Input Filter:
Less than 3 Hz to 60 kHz;
if required, internally settable to any frequency between 1 kHz and 60 kHz (Low-Pass) and
1 Hz to 1 kHz (High-Pass).

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