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: Europe
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MONITOR AUDIO Platinum PL300 speaker pair.
RDT mid-range driver,in charge of the band between 4k Hz from 550 Hz, due to its ultra-light of RDT cone and uniquely formed Tapered Line Enclosure (TLE), achieve a supremely natural transient response. To drive the unit with extremely high accuracy. Also Tapered Line Enclosure, which was built by the Anti-Resonance Composite (ARC) material (TLE) is, as prevent the occurrence of standing waves, to form a chamber. Furthermore by rubber isolation, we have the residual energy from the main cabinet housing and care so as not to tell the chamber. 2 x 200mm RDT bus driver, by using an optimum motor system employing a vortex ring voice coil of copper while obtaining a very low distortion, achieving a large stroke. As a result, the success that greatly improve the linearity, even in the time of high power output, PL300 is, completely discharge the strain and stress, has been designed to be driven in a stable state.
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